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Alright, as of now we are currently no longer an app game. In light of the facts that we've been in an activity slump that doesn't seem to be abating and that there are still plenty of people who want to play here, we're transitioning over to a dressing room format. That means the following:

-Apps are closed. If you want someone to join the game, just send them an invitation. People joining, please tell us who invited you when you join the comms. Then comment to the taken list with the character you're taking.

-All previous rules besides activity are still in effect. Activity is now "between every 2 months and whenever we feel like it".

We may reopen as a formal game a some point in the future, if there's enough interest.


May. 1st, 2012 07:00 am
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Okay everyone left.
With this recent string of drops all quite close to one another, a sizable portion of our playerbase has disappeared. Let's get more players.

If you know someone who might be interested, tell them about the game. Write something about it in your personal journal or other social connection (providing people actually read yours T_T). We don't want spam, but we do want players. If you can personally tell someone about the game, and we get even one or two apps in the next bit, that would be great.

Thanks, both to the people remaining and to the people who have gone, for making this game what it is today. Let us not lose any momentum.
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For several reasons, most of them personal, I need to drop the game. I'm sorry for any plans this messes up.

Thanks for a lot of good times and fun CR. Ent was the first game I ever joined, and it's been a blast.

This affects Hawke and Ged.


Apr. 27th, 2012 12:11 pm
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It's my second drop in as many years! >> << >>

Which probably means I'll be back next spring. But for now, it's auf wiedersehen. I've had a blast with you all and I look forward to RPing with you all over memes and wheresoever the information superhighway may take us.

This affects Anders and Murbella.
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So big reveal: Since his player dropped, we're comfortable revealing that Zevran killed Svinboera on Geldeheim (he was also offered a contract on Hauptmann but refused it). He takes occasional jobs from the Fay'lia, though he's not an agent per se. As he was important to the plot in that way, he'll be a mod controlled NPC until the DA cast and anyone else he had CR tells us to send him away.



Apr. 19th, 2012 04:29 pm
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okay so I've been letting him sit and replaying Dragon Age to try and jump start his voice again and it's just not happening.

So I'll be dropping Zev. I really hope you'll be able to get a more active one that the DA cast deserves to have. With him gone, I'm out of the game for now.

Sorry guys.
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Hey, guys. I'm really sorry about idling so long. It's looking like I won't be getting my RP motivation back anytime soon,though, so I think I have to drop. I've really enjoyed this game and all the people in it, so this kind of kills me, but for whatever reason it just isn't working.

Maybe I'll reapply in a month or two; maybe a break from the setting is all I need! But for now, I'm not doing anything here, anyway.

Sorry, guys! Catch you later.
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I'm really sorry to do this, but I need a hiatus too. For those of you who missed the plurk announcement, I'm pregnant, which is exciting but also exhausting. Add to that a number of other real life problems including jobhunting and trying to move and my partner's PhD crisis and I'm going out of my mind.

Hedge, I'm doubly sorry to do this now since I know you were counting on Hawke for the Geldeheim return plot; was hoping I could manage but real life is too much.

Apologies guys. I'll be back when I can. With luck in a week or two when things settle down (heh, there's a pretty dream, ne?).

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So it would appear that my primary computer caught something over the past week or so.

I'm going to be noticeably less-existent than usual while I try to flush the bug out of my system, as for the time being I'll have to alternate between using my netbook or my zombie laptop which should have died two years ago, both of which aren't really ideal for juggling accounts and tags and stuff.

Send Ten after me if Mirys is really needed anywhere, as I won't be watching her reading page (and thus the communities) during this time.


Apr. 10th, 2012 12:30 pm
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Hi, all,

I'm taking a brief but necessary hiatus from here! Hopefully Anders shall return to harass Jiji and laud him for his paternity of many witch cats.

In the meantime, for the duration of the upcoming plot, consider Anders to ... have a really bad case of the flu? an existential crisis? both? ... and Murbella to be busy with her wayward acolytes.
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We'll be swinging back by Planck, to rescue Sah'ot, and Geldeheim, to investigate the aftermath of the assassination there. This will probably be accomplished by an FTL shuttle, and not the station proper, and consist of no more than a couple days in-game time.

I've got some ideas for the next event but i'd like to hear yours first. I think it's probably time for something serious again, following our usual alternation of silly and grim.



Mar. 20th, 2012 10:11 pm
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Zev is going to get that darn sickness and be gone for a bit. I'm having trouble with his voice right now and I don't want to drop him here if I don't have to because I like the game and I like his CR a ton.

Thanks for understanding.
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Stolen and slightly modified from
[personal profile] heavenscorpse

Voice Acting Meme

1. List your characters (optional: tell us what range your voice is best in).
2. Other people link posts or threads (that may or may not involve your characters)
3. Record yourself on doing lines from said posts/thread
4. ???
5. There is no profit on hippie junkstation collective, you bouergoise pig.
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Su has apped another OC! Quick, everybody, applaud.

So, Magr'ateth here is a dragon who also happens to be a shapeshifter. And magic. He's also simultaneously kind of a jerk and a cool, upright guy, so it will be interesting to have him interact with people.

I've got a permissions post here, so please take a look!
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First posts of our return to Bhor and Planck are up! Check the information post or previous logs if you need help putting the place in context. Feel free to write your own NPCs or tag this post if you need us to play some for you.
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For the next event, unless there's another idea people want to pursue, we'll be heading back to Bhor and Planck, not just to acquire raw materials but to meet a Fay'lia sympathizer to the Resistance and his band of merry hipsters. There'll also be a rather large party and opportunities to do dirty work at it, as well as opportunities to earn some money fighting and doing other less savory things for money.

We're also thinking of having the station acquire another vehicle capable of traveling faster than light, so multiple missions can be run at once. We'd like it to be relatively small and if possible run on a somewhat rare substance. Got any ideas? Let us know. Running an RPG of this scale is already a big job and we appreciate any world (or in this case, shuttle) building help we can get.
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Hello! My name is Josie, and I'm the new Bethany Hawke player. This is a Warden version, based on the current Hawke player's backstory. I can't wait to play with you all!

My information:

email: killer.slot.machine at
AIM: Josie Mostly
Plunk: josiemostly (although I am new to this, thus it is strange and unusual to me.)
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Greetings and salutations! Lai Siu Lung, aka 'A-Lung' aka 'The Little Dragon of Qianjiao', is the newest arrival on the JunkStation. He's a hyperactive little git, a master of BS, and is likely to find himself in the thick of as much trouble as he can dig up.

Let the play commence!


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